Classic Fit Shirts

Classics never go out of style

As with all things classic, our collection of formal classic fit shirts are designed for the gentleman with an eye for the finer things. What makes them that way? It is a long-standing commitment to creating exceptional attire that endures.

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Royal oxford azure classic shirt - Thin Red Line

Royal Oxford Azure Classic Shirt

Royal Oxford is a subtly textured fabric, with an understated lustre. This is a wardrobe essential for a formal shirt. Fabric: Fine long-staple cotton that is soft and lustrous.
Prince of wales check azure pink classic shirt - Thin Red Line

Prince Of Wales Check Azure Pink Classic Shirt

We are very fond of the Prince Of Wales as a pattern. This is a combination of blue ground, with a definition provided by a fine pink line. This is...
Small Bengal Stripe Royal Blue Classic Shirt

Small Bengal Stripe Royal Blue Classic Shirt

A finer Bengal stripe in a Royal blue shade is what we would classify as the ultimate choice for a formal shirt. We think this is another wardrobe must-have. Fabric: Fine...
Small gingham check azure classic shirt - Thin Red Line

Small Gingham Check Azure Classic Shirt

A blend of blue and white in a small gingham is the perfect solution for when a plain blue is just too plain. This can be the perfect complement to...