The Perfect Dress Shirt?

Weave got it covered.

There are four carefully-planned aspects that constitute a premium dress shirt - the fabric, the cut, the design and the fit. Of these, the fabric, we feel, is what matters most.

The Weave

We cannot talk about fabric without referring to the weave - the manner in which the threads are stitched together. The makeup of the weave comprises the warp - the threads that go lengthwise - and the weft - the threads that go under the warp widthwise.

It is the different techniques applied to the warp and weft process that go a long way towards creating a shirt as distinct as you are.

Ready To Wear Dress Shirts

Style that measures up to your taste - right off the rack. Our ready-to-wear shirts are designed to delight the most fastidious dresser. Each shirt is handcrafted with care and precision under the trained eye of our expert outfitters to ensure that you delight in wearing it as much as we do in creating it.

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