Thin Red Line Mens Shirts And The Environment

We all need shirts but have you considered that the shirt you're wearing has damaged the environment? Thin Red Line takes these considerations very seriously and to that end we do not operate shops, we use recyclable packaging wherever possible and are proud to be a corporate sponsor of the International Tree Foundation, the world's oldest tree planting charity.

Through our support of ITF we can not only work towards our goal of becoming fully carbon neutral as a business, but we actively help communities in the UK and around the world benefit themselves through community tree planting schemes. Whether this is simply improving a local community park in the UK or by providing a sustainable source of firewood and fruit produce that is used to provide a secondary revenue stream to help sustain communities in some of the poorest regions of the world - all this and more is achieved because you buy your shirts from Thin Red Line.

We don't claim to be single-handedly saving the world - but we do hope that we are doing something good to help others and the environment.